A new pastime that is as old as the hills; which, when you think about it, are all the same age.

We use the word ‘mindfulness’ and then chop off the front, and then customise it to our own; a bit like the Gas Monkey mob on Fast n Loud. Norman Cousins had been abroad on a business trip and upon his return he fell ill. The illness caused him to be bedbound; it wasn’t good. While laying down he had a think …  ‘if negative energy can give you a good kicking, then surely positive energy would have the opposite effect?’ He persuaded the doctors and a couple of friends to ship into his ward a movie projector and he watched funny films. This made him laugh, and his inner being joined in filling him with positive energy; his recovery began. Together with the medics and a strong will to get better, he recovered.

Norman Cousins … NC… En Cee fulness. Our stories in the Wonky eBook shop and the silliness on this site will hopefully make ‘you’ smile and feel good, be it temporary.

Test it out, read an article that amuses you or/and buy a book, and then, watch a party political bullshit broadcast; and feel the difference. Maybe you may find the PPBB to be funnier?