The bored commuter’s best friend, Nuddybongo, the world’s best online magazine, has been banned by the commuter’s freebie, the METRO magazine as it’s a family paper (they get left lying around everywhere on trains and buses). We planned on advertising and reaching as many commuters as possible because we feel for them.
But, they have been denied being amused and even educated because there is some adult content.
In ‘Sparkly People’ Cleo and Andy Palmer, experts in the psychology and practice of sex to aid couples by helping remove the stress and frustration, especially from their nookie lives.
We have Eunice Babcock, a wonderful agony granny.
Then there’s the mathematician who, being a linear brained man (as are all mathematicians) finds it impossible to get turned on for loving with his partner, so, he has invented maths porn. He has also invented religious porn for those who instead ‘love’ in the bedroom have to keep running out to pray for forgiveness.
There are some erotica books in the Wonky eBook shop all based in humour.
Well, isn’t there worse on pages of newspapers which are left lying on family coffee tables? How many copies of Fifty Shades have been left lying around houses for all to see? You could say that the kids will read it and tell each other about it, but mothers don’t teach them to read or communicate any more as that gets in the way of texting.


And HEY! What do you know?!






Hmmmm? What is it they call people like this?

A friend said ...

That's completely ridiculous... I follow the Metro on twitter and they write raunchy articles all the time! There are loads of articles on how to spice up your sex life and the other day I saw one about masturbating at work!! I know it's online and probably not printed in the newspaper but it's not age restricted and kids are more likely to be looking online than reading the paper. You're right, that would have been the perfect paper as well


A million apologies to a million commuters from the innocent eRag, Nuddybongo.



Have a nice day.