So, Cleo has been going for some therapy. She goes to a quiet unassuming man in London, a gentleman of German origin called Heinrich Krunt. Mr Krunt is unqualified, like a handful of the ‘best’ therapists, Milton Erickson being a fine example (the best therapists do it naturally, not like University trained therapists).

Mr Krunt applied his speciality for camera shy people i.e. Eletherapy. This changes some of the wiring in the brain and makes them non camera shy, or, in very difficult cases like Cleo’s ... not so fearful as they were.

Heinrich told us that this camera shy cure was very popular with overweight, ugly brides and that he had done many ‘not so fearful as they were’ cures, making him popular with wedding photographers. Here is Cleo now.


Cleo's photo