Sparkly people are those who stand out and make a difference. These are people who would most likely be on the New Years Honours List.

This month’s profile is with Sparkly, yet shy, easily embarrassed people, the unbelievably unknown husband and wife sex therapist / coaches, Doctors Cleo and Andy Palmer.
You would think that shy people wouldn’t make very good sex therapists as they have to say certain wods, but, these two sparklers seem to do extremely well judging by their waiting lists.
They told us that they were shy because some of the words they have to use such as ‘penis’ are very red face making for both working people, middle class people and even elite people.




“Hello, I’m Cleo Palmer and I work with my husband Andy, with whom I run our practice ‘Nookie Therapy’. Our style of therapy is usually directed at women, because after interviewing one thousand women and the same number of men, it was found that men were more interested and certainly more skilled in sex than women by a long way; which explains the high number of relationship breakdowns and divorces.”

“Hi, Andy here.




The shy Dr Andy Palmer

Cleo is very camera shy to a phobic level, so no picture of her appears on this page. Hoever, as she would dearly love to 'show herself', she went for some therapy, so you, our dear client(?) may see her. She is quite an attractive woman; do you agree? ... link to Cleo's photo at the end of this page.

This was no more obvious when men said they performed oral sex on their partners (or their mistresses if their partners weren’t willing) because they enjoyed/loved doing it; of course they loved their partners too. Our practice Nookie Therapy is keen to encourage this attitude especially in the ‘normal’ woman.

C: Women said they performed it because their partner either begged for it or, because they loved their partners; but not the act (sadly true amongst millions).
Many women, some very attractive, said that they didn’t even know what oral sex was. When asked what they thought it might be, they replied “Erm, listening to it? Like in the French aural exam I once took at school; and failed miserably, so I became a hairdresser.
So, I, Cleo, do most of the ‘teaching’ part of the therapy while Andy prefers to be more ‘hands on’. His most popular course for women is a mixture of secondary school behind the bike shed ‘getting a feel’ sex crossed with a stress relieving technique he has developed called ‘fingertip acupuncture’ i.e. he uses his fingertips as well as the palms and fingers to stimulate the energy ‘chi’ points in the boobs.



‘Ok Mrs Smith, let’s get rid of that stress that is ruining your sex life’


 As well as the woman getting pleasure primarily because someone actually wants to touch her so she feels desirable, but this technique in some cases relieves workplace stress, headaches and backache, esecially if the woman has large, shapely breasts, nice legs, full lips and a nice Bingo hairdo. Andy says, “it’s like trying to play a piano with twisty fingers which can be painful,” but ... he is so, so dedicated that he uncomplainingly works through any pain barriers where others would collapse; the client is first and, a happy client is worth having sore fingers for. Andy likes to teach the woman who is asked by getting her, after many technique repeats, to memorise the finger positions and then teach them to her husband/partner later.

Cleo on Aural sex

Cleo on Women's Orgasmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmm! s

Cleo's photo

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