The ‘Well Kept Secret’ Legend of Robin Hood



When a place depends on a person or an event to tempt the tourists to depart with the sheckles, it is handy to have a famous person or an event to tempt the tourists to part with the sheckles so the locals can survive Winter, have cars, holidays etc. A lot of places have to lie a lot to make up a good story. Is the story about Robin Hood true? Or is it made up? Who cares eh? He was a hero (to some). But what happens when a story turns up that is ... a bit different from the normal accepted one. I was going to say completely out of character then, but, lots of people know the value of meditation and chilling out ... so, this is a really nice version of the legend. You can say ‘what rubbish!’ But, how do you know and what does it matter? I doesn’t does it, it’s just a nice version. Who says the other is true? Prove it.
Tell you what, just enjoy it and have a smile if one is elicited.


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